“A mans heart reflects the man” -Proverbs 27:19

In the heart of every man is a desperate desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live & a beauty to rescue.

I’m going to share with you in this article, some of the insights into my life and some of the lessons that have come out of the desire to fight.

The statement above challenges us men everyday of our lives.

It sickens me to see lost souls each day walking to and from the city all because they arent connected to the heart of who they really are.

Maybe they have lost the will to fight. Maybe they dont have any direction. Maybe something from their past is holding them back.

Growing up, I had a father who worked extremely hard.

He was away from my mother and us kids for days on end to earn a good income at one of the coal mines in outback New South Wales so we could have a comfortable lifestyle.

I know, especially from talking with him recently that that was a mammoth sacrifice he made which I’ll be eternally grateful for.

This paved the way for us to have everything we needed, maybe not everything we wanted, but we rarely went without is what I’m saying.

In my teen years, like most males, this is the time where you’re trying to find yourself.

I was one of the smaller kids who was good at sports, had lots of friends, never had many enemies and got ok grades.

I was never one to be studying all hours after school, I was more likely to be outdoors kicking a soccer ball, hitting a golf ball or hanging out with mates.

I remember Dad not being around all the time but I made up for it when he wasnt there with socialising and getting into mischief as most country kids do.

Getting better at sports, meant that I was subject to tall poppy syndrome so I had to deal with it until the end of my schooling years.

I had a terrible time with one guy in particular who used to pick on me for no reason but to stamp his authority.

I did what most kids would do when they are faced with someone almost 2 feet taller than them and I became withdrawn and tried to avoid him at all costs.

Unfortunately he was in a few of my classes which didnt help either but I managed to cope although quietly keeping to myself about the issue.

I remember not having many moments to talk to Dad about it and when I did I didnt want to bring it up because “it wouldnt be manly” if I mentioned that I was being bullied, would it.

Being a tad stubburn, that was just my way of trying to deal with it at the time.

Stay with me here…

I’m sharing this because this is where the desire for a battle to fight came into my life.

Now I’m not saying this in the physical sense, although that was the trigger that ultimately changed my life forever, I’m saying it from the perspective of fighting for everything I desired for in life.

If I’m not fighting for something, I’m lost.

The moment when my life changed was when I got fed up and whacked the guy in the head when he least expected it.

Up until that point, I let this guy/life get to me.

I just accepted what life had dished up to me, but this is where I was wrong.

That moment, I took control and desired for something to change.

It wasnt until that moment that I was able to change for the better.

If you’ve read this far, then I’m sure you’ve probably experienced this in some way before & you’re right now enjoying the feeling of power that came from taking control of that situation, if you havent then my only advice is to be strong, stand up and make that change you’ve been desiring for because the feeling you get far outwieghs the feeling of being trapped, depressed, anxious.

The wounds a man takes throughout his life cause him to lose heart if all he has been trained to be is soft.

There is something fierce in the heart of every man. Every man.

Be well. Live Long & Strong

Christopher Samios

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