One of the most startling differences I see between rich people and poor people is what kind of world they see.

Poor people always see the world of financial scarcity.

They say things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Do you think I’m made of money” or ” I cant afford it”.

When I spend time with friends that I deem wealthy or financial well-off, I begin to realise that they see a completely different world.

They see a world of too much money.

They give advice like “Dont worry about money.

If you do the right things, there will always be plenty of money” or “Dont let not having money be an excuse for getting what you want”.

There are always 2 kinds of money problems in this world.

One problem is not enough money.

The other problem is too much money.

Which type of money problem you choose decides your financial future.

One of the best decisions in my life to date was adding people on Facebook who I knew had mutual interests in Business, Investing, Real Estate, Sports, etc.

I connected with one person, then another, then another and suddenly I had people adding me because I was associated/friends on Facebook with their likeminded friends too.

I cant understate how important it is to be in community with people who share your common values in life.

If having the problem of too much money is your choice then great, connect with wealthy people.

If connecting with the Golfing community is where you want to spend your time, then add people who are apart of Golf related groups on Facebook.

If youre a Father like me and want to be connected with other fathers then connect add them.

Not everyone is going to accept but down the line, they may do so because if you’re adding value to their Newsfeed, you’ll attract likeminded people as well.

Its all about building up your network and being connected with people who share common values with yourself.

A number of years ago I saw a post from one of my Facebook friends, who clearly displayed his fairly modest lifestyle each day, which was about the importance of having a financial plan.

The article demanded that I write a financial plan for when I dont have enough money (which at the time was the case) and a financial plan for when I had too much money.

The most important plan was for when I had too much money because if I didnt have a plan for too much money, then I would lose all my money & go back to the only plan I knew, which is what 95% of the population knows: a world of not enough money.

Since money is only an idea, if your idea is that there is not enough money, then that is what your reality will be.

More importantly you need to mentally choose to see both worlds.

A world of not enough money and a world of too much money.

I’ll ask you a question now that you can answer yourself in your own time….Are you willing to see a world of too much money instead of a world of not enough money?

Be well

Christopher Samios

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