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Affiliate Marketer & Digital Business Consultant
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About me

Hi, my name is Chris Samios. I’m a professional affiliate marketer & digital business consultant. I’m passionate about helping people live a life on their own terms by building online digital income streams.

I’ve helped multiple clients create their own online businesses since 2016 together with Stuart and Jay from SFM.

I get paid as a consultant by recommending products and services I trust and use from other companies.

When it all started

My story started out when I should have been studying for my HSC in 2001 and instead I was off playing golf and reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and the 4 Hour Work Week.

When I was 19, my first proper job, I was working as a Real Estate Property Officer, a little town called Blackheath at the top of the Blue Mountains in Australia, which is where I grew up. I chose the job because I was able to learn the insider secrets of Real Estate investing.

I actually bought my first investment property while working there – 4 units on a 800sqm block in a country town called Wee Waa. It was positively cash flowed for most of the 7 years that I had it, the tenants were not the best at paying and the drought at one point meant that I was without 3 tenants for some time so I got rid of it.

But I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Some of these I share on my blog

My 2nd job was with Vodafone in Homebush, Sydney as a B2B Business Consultant, I chose the job because I was able to connect with Business Owners. I actually met the person who has single handedly had the biggest impact on my life so far and he said “The most fulfilled people on this planet are those that read”.

So I went on a mission to read absolutely everything, from NLP, Hypnosis, Golf, Business, Network Marketing, Property Investing, IPOs, Currency Trading, you name it.

All of it.

At the core of my being, I wanted to be financially free. I read all the stories about business and the time freedom that it had to offer but I never knew how to reach that point.

Preferring not to bother you with every job I’ve had, but after many years of working for someone else in a dead end job and many trials and errors, I discovered the Affiliate Marketing business model.

I knew that Amazon was soon to arrive in Australia (Nov 2017) and there was a massive opportunity to learn how to capitalise on Amazons arrival.

I was searching for an opportunity after getting sick and tired of where I was in life. You’d think I should have been happy after implementing everything I had learned from reading all the books, but truthfully I wasn’t, something was missing.

When everything changed

I signed up to a video series that changed everything though.

If you want to get a glimpse into how I did it, check out my Digital Lifestyle Training series with my business partners Stuart & Jay or if you still have questions, check out the FAQs.

Then identify what you Want. If you clearly know what your ideal lifestyle looks like, focus on it everyday, your universe will then align to your desires.

Thats the LOA at play.

Live Long & Strong

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