I’m Christopher Samios, vision strategist, father and believer. Born in Australia and truly grateful to grow up at the top of the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney.


I’m 33, married to gorgeous Giselle and have 2 beautiful children – Finnian & Tirzah.

My Parents are still married, I’m the eldest of 4 kids & have 3 sisters. I’m lucky to still have a few of my grand parents alive and plenty of cousins and Aunty’s and Uncles.

Favourite Business Books and Authors:

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki

“As a man Thinketh” by James Allen

“The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris

My top 5 values in life:







I believe in constant learning, having a vision in alignment to Gods vision, building on my character and having an impact on society by helping others get what they want.

For me, learning and going against the status quo has been the biggest blessing in my life. Its taught me a lot about one’s personal journey, understanding business, collaborating with the right people and taking full ownership over one’s self.

My VISION is simple:

Help as many people learn the mindset and skillset needed to have an online business that produces a six figure income so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

I personally want to spend each & everyday on this planet with my wife and kids, on our terms, wherever we want, affording the luxuries everyone deserves to have in this life, and I think others should want the same.

I believe you can’t do business unless you have a clear vision of what you stand for, where you’re going and who you’re doing it with.


Anyone who is serious about changing their financial lives and wants to work from the comfort of their home online.

However lets start from the beginning:

My journey began in 1999, where I started reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books and can always remember the wisdom of “work to learn, not to earn” and many of the business lessons Rich Dad taught Robert T. Kiyosaki while growing up. All of the lessons still resonate with me today.

One of the biggest takeaways from the book I got was that in order to transition to the right hand side of the quadrant, you need to learn the Skills of running a Business & how to be a Invester.

At the time when I was studying my HSC, I was reading 20-50 pages per day of the Rich Dad series.

I was also practicing my golf game during this time as well since I was focused on becoming a professional golfer one day.

Unfortunately I wasn’t good enough to really make something of it back then & my parents were pretty keen for me to get a job instead of living off them until I made it.

I was approached by my local real estate agent to work for him and it made sense that I take the role considering Property was one of the skills I needed to learn to transition to the right hand side of the quadrant. So my learning journey started….

During this time, I bought 4 units which were positively geared & I had a nice little income coming in in my early twenties.

After a few years in that role, and feeling as though I had learnt enough, I had a desire to learn Sales especially considering this was one of the most important Business Skills Rich Dad wanted Robert to learn.

I was fortunate enough to be associating with a couple of young ambitious local businessman who had numerous properties, owned petrol stations and a IGA supermarket at the time.

One day they approached me and let me know that they were becoming a Vodafone Premium Business Channel Partner and they wanted me to head up the role of Business Development in a B2B capacity.

I liked the sound of this considering I didn’t need to speak with the traditional consumer direct, only people in business, which I was hoping to learn off too.

This was an easy decision, especially if I could learn from them, so I decided to move closer to the main hub of Australia’s business precinct – Sydney.

I spent 7-8 years in Business Development roles, always being one of the top, but not the top salesman.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses and programs to better myself, I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how this can be applied to everyday performance.

I also started my first Business in the Network Marketing industry, this was great for my mindset, but the business model meant I had to meet people outside of my working day & if you know what Sydney traffic is like, it’s worse than New York, it become clear to me the effort required was not worth the return.

It didnt make sense to me in the end, so I didnt give it any attention.

Looking back, I worked extremely hard compared to my colleagues & business associates, because I was more of a farmer type personality rather than a hunter type.

I value relationships a lot more than earning a quick buck, so it sometimes took me a little bit longer to get deals but my clients were extremely happy with my customer service and the experience as a whole.

I’ve always considered the customers experience as the number one priority in the sales process so I make every effort to make every experience memorable.

To be straight with you though, I’m not good at sales. I hate it.

I get nervous in meetings with senior executives, I try to pitch too much detail & I find it hard to convey the features & benefits clearly.

I’ve been in sales related roles for almost 12 years in total and I’m straight out crap at it. I dont know how I stumble my way through the process.

All I have is a vision of what I want & I somehow get it.

My thirst for learning though lead me to reading & studying human performance and how modelling the great scholars is the surest way to achieve what I wanted.

The main ingredient all the greats in the world like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Dr Robert Demartini and Napoleon Hill have, is a clear vision of where they wante to go.

My vision has lead me to where I am today and its constantly evolving to where I want to be in the future. Its a journey & its important to enjoy every minute of it…

After some small wins in the Telecommunication industry I was on the lookout for other opportunities in the Finance field and got a role in an Online Currency Trading company where we dealt with currency and derivatives traders.

My heart wasnt in it when I kept seeing old guys, young guys and family men & woman loss their hard earned cash; $5,000, $25,000 and sometimes $100,000 within weeks, sometimes days.

It didn’t sit well with me.

After a few years of that & feeling like I needed to complete the puzzle of learning, I sort out roles in Marketing & Advertising which was the final piece of my learning journey that I wanted to embark on.

I ended up at Octomedia where I am today which is a B2B media publication. I’m learning every aspect of Advertising, Content and Marketing.

Getting sick of the lack of time I’ve been spending with my kids and making all my employers rich over the years, I’m now learning how the E-commerce experts make 6 figure incomes and have all the time in the world.

I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve been learning and I hope you see some value in your life.

Please connect with me on Facebook and Instagram, and share the crap out of my content. 🙂

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